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NORTHRIDGE Laminate Flooring has an enormous selection of laminates in stock. With several different name brands, to choose from there is many color styles to purchase. Installation professionally done, and price estimates for product and labor is all available.

A Laminate floor is something that has been around for some time, but recently gaining popularity in the United States.  The floor is not a primary concern of most people, but this new option has opened up a new and exciting variety of colors and styles for a floor.  This creates a warm and inviting room to be enjoyed by all

Laminate flooring is made up of four components all bonded together to form a long wear-resistant and beautiful floor.  There is a backing, which is carefully bonded to the wood based core, then is the decorative service which is what we see, and lastly is the clear cap on top. This provides a maximum protection to the surface at all times.

Care for a new laminate floor is remarkably straightforward and uncomplicated.  Dusting with a dust mop takes care of the main things like dust, sand and miscellaneous things that fall to the floor, this followed  a damp mop and a quick dry.  Once a month it is recommended to use a laminate or wood cleaner to keep the shine and luster new.

Hardwood floors are similar in cleaning except that the regular waxing and buffing, is not needed on a laminate floor. It is easier to install a laminate than wood floors.  The process is fairly quick and requires the interlocking of planks together.  The use of a saw is how the laminate planks are cut.  Then putting them together is a snap, after which the trim is put on. Leave just a bit of space between the floor and trim to make that floating floor effect. 

These floor choices are superb in color as well as being more hygienic for people that may have allergies.  This is also an affordable way to replace substandard linoleum or carpet that is worn or torn. Laminate can be used in virtually every room in a home depending on taste.  Installation can be easily set up by a professional at any of the Pasadena flooring stores.

There is no need to wait after it is installed to walk on it, like you will have to with a real wood floor, waiting for the polyurethane or varnish to dry.  Once the trim is on, the floor is ready for everyday use.  It is recommended that heavy furniture, or pieces that will be moved frequently, have felt pads under them to help prevent possible scratching or damage.

There are many reputable companies in Northridge willing to help with the purchase and installation of a new floor. A quick look online or in the phonebook will bring up many different ones to be chosen from.  They will tell you about warranties, and help to get everything in order for a new floor with NORTHRIDGE Laminate Flooring.