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NORTH HOLLYWOOD Laminate Flooringin Calabasas is ready to help customers with their flooring needs.   They have a wide selection and can help to provide a professional installation of that new floor.  They will provide estimates as to the costs, and help to arrange a contractor for the most convenient time for you.  With growing popularity, laminate floors are a beautiful alternative to any other traditional flooring.

More and more people are finding that they can rely on laminate flooring.  The durability and resistances to stains, burns, and fading are key selling points.  The flooring itself is made up of four layers.  The backing layer which lies against the original floor.  Then the core layer is where the strength is at.  Photographic or design layer and then the transparent resin coating that is specially formulated to keep it stain and resistant to scratches, burns and fading.

It is a wise idea to get more than one estimate and shop around to find the flooring and prices that you want.  This will also help you to insure that you are getting the most value for what you pay for.  The companies in Calabasas can help you from the beginning, when you are first looking at the huge assortment of designs and styles.  To the final details of what trims might be needed, and the installation.

Hardwood floors vs. Laminate, there are many aspects of hardwood that are undoubtedly wonderful. They also have drawbacks such as, the routine cleanings and the stripping and waxing periodically.  Laminate does not have any of these.  Cleaning a laminate floor is as easy as using a vacuum to get up the dirt or dust, or using a damp mop depending on what needs cleaned.  There is a once a month recommended laminate or wood floor cleaner that should be used to maintain the luster and sheen of the new floor.

The laminate flooring is highly resistant to stains and fading.  If there is a tough stain like tar, it can be easily removed with an acetone or nail polish remover.  Make sure to clean up any remaining oils from this with a damp cloth.  As for fading there is no need to worry if the floor in is the sunlight for a prolonged amount of time, it has a remarkable coating that keeps it resistant to fading.

These floors can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer or professionally.  It is a cut with a saw and has a tongue and groove, interlocking application.  There is no nailing or glue needed for this flooring. Leaving a little space at the edges where the border will be put will help with the floating effect that this floor is known for.  This allows for a quieter and more comfortable floor especially in high traffic areas.

It is as easy a checking the local phone book for companies in the Calabasas area.  Then go take a look for yourself.  The varieties and styles will surely fit any area you would like to update or modernize, at any NORTH HOLLYWOOD Laminate Flooring store.