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Burbank GLENDALE Laminate Flooring can help you to learn about the various benefits of a laminate floor.  Their professional staff will take you through the process from beginning to end.  The vast assortment of colors and styles available, the staff is there to help consult you on this subject. 

With today’s laminates there are so many different choices in color and texture.  They can range from the humble yet elegant to the unusual and can be highly creative.   Traditional wood flooring is not able to have the enormous variety as these laminates do. 

Color choices range from, pine, oak, birch to rock, and tile including the grouted lines.  These are all available at a Laminate flooring store near you in Burbank.   The strength and care are key factors as to the growing popularity in this flooring. 

Laminates are made up of a layered construction.  There is a backing layer which is the part that is against the subflooring.  The core which is made up of a high density sturdy board, that protects against moisture and denting.   The design which is what you see, this is a high resolution photograph that is adhered to the core layer.  Lastly is the transparent coating that is comprised of aluminum oxide, and it protects against stains, fading and scratches.

The care of a floor like this is much easier than that of hardwood.  This consists of just using a dust mop to get the dirt and dust from the floor.  A vacuum can be used for cleaning, as well.  Then once a month it is recommended that a genuine laminate cleaner be used to secure the look and beauty of the floor.  If it should get a heavy spot such as tar, for example, fingernail polish remover can be useful in its removal.  When using a remover, wipe the area with a damp cloth to get any remaining oils left behind.

These floors are perfect for day to day use, and able to handle high or heavy traffic with no problems.  The flooring can be put in any room in the home.  Wood cannot usually be put in a basement or humid conditions, but laminates do well.  Keeping any water or spills wiped up is an excellent idea for safety reasons, as well as keeping the floor protected from any possible damage. 

The various places that a laminate flooring can be put include but not limited to would be: large living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and bedrooms.  They can be professionally installed and usually takes less than a week for large projects.  The savings from one large area compared to having wood installed, could be enough to have several rooms installed with laminate.

When looking through the phone book, or doing an online search for companies selling laminates, you will find that there are many that can help to get the beauty and warmth you want in a room.  Ask for estimates to get the most for your money at Burbank’s GLENDALE Laminate Flooring stores.