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BURBANK Laminate Flooring in San Jose is offering an impressive variety of options to be purchased.  If looking for a certain look in your home, maybe a tile, or stone or even one of the various wood finishes available.   A visit to any of the stores will allow you not just see but be able to feel the textures and match to the trim currently in the home.

Laminate flooring is durable and more affordable than having hardwood flooring installed.  The laminates are highly resistant to different kinds of wear than wood also.  It is recommended to use felt pads under unusually heavy furniture, or items that may be moved frequently. 

A laminate floor is called a floating floor and has the appearance of a hardwood.  This floor is constructed with a backing that is on the underside, then a wood core and a photo finish on top.  A resin is then applied to help keep the floor looking new and resistant to the various kinds of scratches and scrapes.

The installation will be professionally done by the contractor that works for the store, or one of your own choosing.  Get more than one estimate from various places to ensure you get the best value for your money.  Ask for references then check them out.  There have been many improvements in the making of these laminate floors since they started showing up for sale.

These can be installed in about any room as per the customers liking.  The traditional hardwood flooring cannot be installed in certain places simply because of moisture or high humidity.  Laminates can go in laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens as well as any other room in the house.    This would include the basement where a real wood floor is usually not able to be put.

The affordability of laminates is a key factor in the popularity it is gaining.  It has the appearance of the traditional, wood, stone, tile including the grout lines, but with far less of the costs.  The maintenance of it alone is much easier than with the others.  The savings from using a laminate instead of real wood in one large area could be enough to have it installed in several.

Cleaning and caring for a laminate is as easy as dusting to pick up the dust and particles from day to day life.  Then use a once a month laminate or wood cleaner, to protect the floor looking like new. There is no regular stripping or waxing needed, or the re-doing of grout.  Tough stains like tar can be removed with finger nail polish remover, then wipe with a clean damp cloth.

When it is time to look for a new floor this is one option that should be seriously looked into.  The costs and variety alone make this worth checking into.  Being able to have it professionally installed in any room is also a significant plus.  Choose a BURBANK Laminate flooring store in San Jose and enjoy the warmth and inviting feel of the new floor.