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BEVERLY HILLS Laminate Flooring of West Hollywood offers the new hardwood floor, in a laminate. Homeowners are using more and more laminates as a wood alternative.  Laminate is the look and appeal of a wood floor but with less cost.  Variety and value are the keys to the popularity in having a laminate floor.

Wood floors can be extremely expensive to have installed, or just to keep.  They require routine cleanings, including the stripping and waxing, even buffing to keep the shine.  If water is to spill and not get wiped up, it could warp the wood and result in an extremely costly removal and a new floor needing to be installed.

They are exceptionally beautiful indeed, but the drawbacks are forgone for something much more easily installed and taken care of.  With laminate, the variety is much greater than wood.  There are the woods of course, pine, cherry, mahogany and then there  is the stone, marble and tile laminates all with the beautiful appearance of their real counterparts. This is just a short list of designs available for purchase.

The laminates are professionally installed and can be in any room of the home.  It is an excellent idea to get a few estimates to insure getting the most for your money.  When shopping for a new floor, no matter where it is at, bathroom, living room or even the bedroom the installation and care can be explained at the time of purchase.

Hardwood flooring has its place, but if there is a lot of moisture, high humidity, or young children that might tend to spill a lot, having laminate flooring is a far less expensive alternate. Finding a contractor for your flooring project is a good idea, they know the advantages and disadvantages for most different floorings. 

Finding a laminate floor store in the area only requires a look in the phonebook or internet search.  There will be many different places available that you can not only look, but compare the wood trim in the home, so the floor matches it.  Giving a totally polished look for the room it will be installed in. 

Care for this floor is easy.  Use either a dust mop or a vacuum to get up the dirt and dust.  If there should be any stains such as tar, for example, a finger nail polish remover can be used to remove the stain. Afterward use a clean damp cloth to wipe up any excess oils.  It is recommended that once a month a wood or laminate floor cleaner is used to protect the luster and beauty of the floor.  Wiping up any spills is a good safety measure both for the floor and personally. 

Take a look at a flooring store near you for the quality and a vast selection in color and designs of this versatile flooring.  It may be matched to existing trim in the home, and professionally installed afterward.  Estimates are an excellent idea.  This will also allow you know how long it will take to have it installed from a BEVERLY HILLS Laminate flooring store in West Hollywood.