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Arcadia ARCADIA Laminate Flooring can offer a wide array of color and styles in laminate floors.  This can be estimated as to how long the project may take.  New floors are not the first thing that is thought of when updating aspects of a home and this flooring are an affordable option.

Laminate flooring was introduced in the United States in the early 90’s.  This was not new flooring as it had been in the European market for some time.  The manufacturers have made considerable progress in this field, and it is now an extremely hot seller here.  The primary reasons are the durability and value.

Colors and styles to be chosen from are vast.  The choices range from a natural pine or an exotic Brazilian walnut, also included are tile and stone with grout lines.  Any hardwood flooring can be matched with a laminate alternate.  Estimates for installation can be set up at the time of purchase and professionally done.

Cleaning and care of a laminate floor is much easier than any traditional wood floor.  There are no systematic procedures that need to be done, as there is with wood.  To clean your new laminate floor requires a simple dusting or damp mop depending on the need.  For a tough stain such as tar, it can be cleaned with a fingernail polish remover.  Use a damp cloth to wipe up any leftover oils after using a polish remover.  The use of a once a month laminate cleaner can help to protect the radiance and glamour of the floors finish.

The top resin coating of this flooring has a tough, durable scratch and scuff resistance, which is built in to keep the flooring looking fresh and beautiful for years to come.  The floor is built in four layers, the backing layer which lies next to the previous floor.  Next is the hard core built to resist damage and is the heart of the laminate.  The graphic image and then the specially formulated resin to keep the design fade free and scratch resistant.

The installation of this floor can be done yourself or have a contractor put it in.  Make sure that all the components are purchased at one time, so there are no delays in the install.  If you decide to go with a contractor request an estimate and references and check them out.  Making sure the job is done correctly will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Finding a laminate flooring store can be as painless as looking through the yellow pages in the phone book.  Internet searches can also provide you with multiple companies available in your area.  The cost of this flooring is a fraction of what it would be to have hardwood installed.

Each company listed can provide the beauty and warmth you may be looking for in a floor. It is advised to use felt pads under unusually heavy furniture to help reduce any chance of damage or scratching.  Arcadia ARCADIA Laminate Flooring is the place to look for a new floor.