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The Victorian Hand-Scraped Collection is our newest elite product line. This Collection is produced with the most innovative process, hand-scraped, and hand-painted with two-toned colors to achieve the authentic naturally aged appearance. Every plank exudes one of a kind beauty because it has been meticulously chiseled and buffed to reflect a look that is genuinely unique. Protected with 10 coats of UV cured Aluminum Oxide finish, constructed with 9-ply of Birch plywood, and crafted to include 3mm wear surface, demonstrate the features that provide exceptional stability, durability, and peace of mind. Something extraordinary happens when you have our Victorian Collection in your home. The unique embellishments and captivating features can fascinate your senses and bring out the untold love story and a wealth of possibilities.

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Raven Manhattan, a part of The Victorian Hand-Scraped Collection