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Flooring Specials

Lamination, the process of creating a laminate, is a common parlance which refers to the pressing of material between layers of plastic and sealing all materials using adhesive, heat, and pressure.

Laminate flooring's durability, affordability, and elegant look make laminate one of the most popular choices selected by our customers.

At Tropical Flooring, we pride ourselves with the ability to offer our customers a wide selection variety. We offer 4 varieties of laminate flooring for your residential, business, and commercial properties. 

Laminate 12MM Distressed (18)
Laminate 12MM Smooth (60)

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Caribbean Walnut 12mm Smooth



Cherry 12mm Smooth


Mongolian Cherry 12mm Smooth


Sahara Teak 12mm Smooth


Bolivia Walnut 12mm Smooth


Eastern African Cherry 12mm Smooth


Canberry Cypress 12mm Smooth


Hickory Ebony  12mm Distressed


Bolivia Oak 12mm Distressed


Mongolian Tigerwood 12mm Smooth


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